Welcome to A Whole Heap of Living

Welcome to A Whole Heap of Living! Whole Heap is much more than just food; even though, preparation and enjoyment of food plays a huge part. What else can you expect from a boy raised in Southern Louisiana? But Whole Heap runs much deeper. It’s really a way of life learned from all the folks who impacted mine: my parents, grandparents Maw Maw & Paw Paw, my Uncle Pat, Aunt Annie, and Miss Diane. And it’s the attitude instilled in me by them. I learned that by exerting a little more effort you can make everyday moments a whole heap more special! Because I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful memories, I was compelled to write them down. The result was my first cookbook and product from Whole Heap, A Whole Heap of Goodness. We don’t just give you ideas…at Whole Heap we share stories that show ya’ll how to serve up a whole heap of life! The concept is simple. MORE! Stretch your creativity, add more spice, be more colorful, savor more sweetness, and have more fun. Giving a little more makes it all more meaningful. A Whole Heap will help ya’ll make everything a bit more dynamic, emotional and of course a whole heap more special! We’ll spin yarns, tell tales, and reveal secrets…all to help you serve up a whole heap of life. Our motto is simple.

Make the moments momentous & DIG IN!